About Me

I dream. Therefore, I am. I dreamed of creating. I dreamed of soaring. I dreamed of telling stories. I dreamed of people wanting to listen to my stories. Sitting in a small house in perhaps the inner most corner of Patna, I dreamed. I started very young. I wrote articles for newspapers and poetry for my personal diary. And unlike others my age, the only time I felt alive was when I was writing. I must admit, journalism was never what I wanted to do. I wanted to live in a world I could create. But destiny led me to be a journalist. And pulled out a reclusive person like me in front of the camera. Now after more than two decades in journalism, I still feel like a misfit. But this is the best profession to learn everyday (if you want to). I have done everything a television person can. Besides anchoring, reporting and producing shows, I have done camera for my stories independently. I have video edited my stories. I have done sound mixing. I have repaired printers!! I have done make up for other anchors too! I love my job. And I am a confirmed workaholic. In fact there is nothing beyond work that you can know about me. God has been kind enough and I have won several awards for my work. But I'm hungry for more. My favourite work has been my series Har Har Gangey and Vandemataram. I like to talk less. Hence my absence on the social media. My ambition in life is to be happy. And to keep dreaming on.

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Get In Touch

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FC-8, Film City
Sector 16A
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
+91 (120) 480-7100
E-Mail : swetasingh.aajtak[at]gmail(dot)com